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From the Desk of the Chief Inspector


Dear Detective,


As you well know, the gang known as “The Christmas Crooks” have been robbing banks across the city for years--always during the holiday season. Unfortunately, until now, we had no idea how they were communicating with one another...


Luckily, during a recent raid, we discovered the following five mysterious holiday cards, locked in a hidden safe. We believe that the robbers are using these cards to plan their next robbery (which will occur sometime during the week of Christmas).


If our intel is correct, these five holiday cards should have the following pieces of information encoded somewhere in them:


  • The NAME OF THE BANK they will be robbing.

  • The STREET where the robbery will take place.

  • The TIME OF DAY at which the robbery will occur.

  • The DAY OF THE WEEK they will rob the bank.

  • And, what their GETAWAY CAR will be.

Detective, can you crack all five codes?


Can you stop the robbers in time?


Or will you let them get away with their biggest heist yet?


Good luck, and godspeed!


-The Chief​

Card Links


Card Number One - Merry Christmas

Card Number Two Warm Wishes

Card Number Three 'Tis the Season

Card Number Four - Happy Hanukkah

Card Number Five Delicious




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